Summer BBQ Party Time Banner

Le 27 July 2015
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    Cross Stitch
    Make your summer BBQ extra festive with DIY stitched party decor. Follow this easy cross stitch banner project




      • Unroll your Aida cloth from one box and layout it out on your table so that it’s nice and flat. Starting on the long side (18”), measure halfway down the edge of the cloth (9”) and mark a dot using a marker or pencil. Repeat on the opposite long side.
      • Use the ruler to draw a line to connect the dots, dividing the cloth into two equally sized 9” x 15” rectangles, and then cut with scissors or pinking shears. If you’re looking to add a little extra character to your banner, try doing all of your cutting with pinking shears. They make a fun zig zag cut, which reduces fraying and gives your banner a little something extra!
      • On the long side of one 9” x 15” rectangle measure halfway (7 ½”) down the edge of the cloth from the corner and make a dot. On the opposite long side measure in 3 ¾“ from the corner and make a dot along the edge of the fabric. Now measure 11 ¼” along the same edge from the same corner and make another dot, staying close to the edge of the fabric.
      • Connect the dots and the corners to make three equal sized triangles. Boy that was simple! Party Banner 1
        • Simply cut along the lines and presto! You’ve just made your flags. Repeat with the previous steps with remaining colors of your Aida cloth to make a total of 10 flags: 3 Red, 3 White, and 4 Navy Blue. Save the remaining fabric for your next project – coming soon to a Commonthread Blog near you!
        • Making letters in one of two ways:

    Using a pencil, lightly hand draw one letter per triangle: PARTY TIME. You can use the attached letter guide if you feel more comfortable with a guide or simply scribe away! Once you’ve drawn in your letters, it’s time to fill them in with stitched X’s.

    Party Banner 2Cross Stitch Pattern:

    Follow the provided letter guide charts (grids), stitching large X’s over 5 squares on the Aida. Each square on the grid corresponds to one woven square on the fabric. Position letters as shown on the charts for a pristine and professional look.
    Party Banner 3
            • To stitch either method: Cut a 26-28” length of DMC Six-Strand Embroidery Floss (lots of options to choose from!). Thread the needle and tie a knot in one end of the floss.
            • Stab the needle from the back to the front of one flag, pulling until the knot is secure against the fabric. Make X’s to build the letter as shown. To finish your stitching, thread the floss under some of the X’s on the back of the fabric to firmly secure it. Then, make a small knot and trim the loose ends. Continue to make all of the flags using contrasting colors of floss and cloth to really make the colors pop!
            • Use hot glue to attach the flags to the rope starting 28” in from one end. Glue each one so the corners just touch. Remember to put a blank flag between the words.
        Use hot glue sparingly just to adhere your flags. Excess glue may soak through the cloth and mess up the appearance of your flags. Happy Grilling & Stitching!

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