Modern Stitched Mistletoe

Le 21 December 2015
Holiday DIY

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    Photo1   It all starts with wax lips at Halloween. Then there’s mistletoe at Christmastime. Then about a month later, there’s Valentine’s Day. I’m beginning to think that the entire point of the holiday season is for us to give kisses! Welp, as long as there are smooches to be given we might as well make a DIY out of it!   I’ve never actually hung mistletoe in my house because I don’t know where to buy it, so I’ve come up with a way to use of my favorite Common Thread basics to create a modern take on mistletoe that can be used season after season.   Inspired by this adorable hoop art, I took my mistletoe to the hoop…the embroidery hoop, that is!   Supplies


    1. Embroidery Floss in green and red
    2. Embroidery Needles
    3. Cream or white felt
    4. Green Felt
    5. Scissors
    6. Embroidery transfer pen
    7. Glue gun (not shown)
      [associated-products]   Step1


    • Cut the cream felt into a circle that is slightly larger than the embroidery hoop, then place the felt snuggly into the hoop. I love stiching on to felt because it can be really unforgiving and gives the project a little texture and softness.
    • Use the water soluable marker to write “muah” directly onto the felt. This pen is magical! It glides across the textured felt and if you mess up, just wipe it with water and it disappears. I love it!!
    • Thread the embroidery needle with red floss and begin using a backstitch to follow the lines of your writing. The backstitch is a simple stitch and will only take you about 20-30 minutes to finish the word.
    • Once you’re done, flip over the project and add hot glue to the inside edge of the embroidery hoop
    • You can finish the back of the project by gluing another circle. This will give everything a nice neat look.
    • Now for the greenery! Cut a bunch of holly shaped leaved from green felt and then use the green embroidery floss and a backstitch to stitch down the middle of each leaf.
    • Use the glue gun to arrange a pretty bunch of leaves at the top of the embroidery hoop –
      Photo3   Photo4   … now throw on some gloss and get those smoochers ready!  

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