Meet DMC Color Variations Thread

Le 17 February 2016
Working with our Products

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    4256x3040_2 Projects are only as good as the thread used to create them. With DMC thread you know you’re getting the best of the best, and with DMC Color Variations Embroidery Floss, you’re getting thread that allows colors to blend seamlessly into one another—thereby avoiding any harsh color contrasts. With this beautiful floss you can stitch counted cross stitch designs there are two ways to form your stitches:
    • One Cross Stitch at a time:  by completing each stitch individually, Color Variations will  distinctly graduate into the thread's next color.  This method gives you more control over the placement of the variation in the thread.
    • Standard Method: (stitching a row of half cross stitches in a row from left to right completing each stitch on the return)  Threads stitch using this method will create a “tweeded” or blended look of softly mixed colors when completed.
    We also have Pearl Cotton Variations. 800x800_1 The secret behind this incredible thread is the fact that it’s a blend of soft colors flowing smoothly into one another in a single strand—subtly revealing color variations every few stitches. Since it features tones from similar color families it results in a beautifully rich design. 800x800_2 This thread offers the look of hand-dyed thread with the confidence of DMC products. It is 100% colorfast, fade resistant, and has DMC’s guaranteed color consistency from one skein to the next. Coordinating different skeins of Color Variations Floss is easy since the thread is a combination of hues. So pair it with complementing colors for a gorgeous end result. 800x648

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