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Let Your Skills Soar with this Cross Stitch Butterfly

Le 14 December 2016
Cross Stitch Patterns

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    Let Your Skills Soar with this Cross Stitch Butterfly

      If color is your jam then this cross stitch butterfly pattern, with its bright, patchwork design, will make your heart take flight. It brings to mind those homey patchwork throw blankets that never fail to make you feel cozy and safe. And dare we say that of all the insects, the butterfly is a standout champion. Ever graceful, ever beautiful, and always respectful of your space (how often have you had to shoo a butterfly off of your potato salad?). So what better bug than the butterfly to act as the form with which to display such a fun, freeing motif?   Newbie stitchers, this pattern is beginner-friendly, so be sure to add this to your project list. With all of the varied hues, you will be sure to impress friends and family with your skills. (Nobody has to reveal it was a beginner design… we won’t tell if you don’t!)   We love this motif on a set of throw pillows for adding color to a room, or as an embellishment on tea or guest towels. Wherever you decide to stitch these, this pattern promises to add a pop of color that won’t go unnoticed.   Download the project sheet here.   [associated-products]     Love & Threads,   The DMC Team

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