Holiday Handmade: Tiny Embroidery Snowflake Ornaments

Le 13 October 2015
Holiday DIY

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    The holiday season is upon us! Get your thread out, needles ready and creative juices flowing because we are entering into our Holiday Handmade Series. For the next few weeks, we will be announcing all sorts of new products, giving away free holiday projects and gifting ideas. We love this time of year! Our Holiday Handmade idea #1: Use 3" embroidery hoops to make embroidered ornaments. We love these beautiful snowflakes in tiny hoops on black Aida with Metallic Pearl thread. Get the tutorial on how to make these yourselves below.

    Stitched Snowflake Ornaments

    Designed by Beverly McCullough, Flamingo Toes

    Snowflake Ornaments 71


    • 1 - 3” embroidery hoop
    • 5” square of Charles Craft Gold Standard Aida, 14ct, black
    • 1 skein of DMC Metallic Pearl thread, color #5283
    • 2 Decorative Buttons
    • 24 Small pearl beads, optional
    • Thread to match pearls, optional
    • Thin Beading Needle *that will fit through pearl beads
    • DMC Tapestry Needle, size 20
    • DMC Embroidery Scissors
    • Hot Glue
    • 2 - 14” pieces of lace
    • 2 - 3” circles of felt


    1. Place black Aida in embroidery hoop.
    2. Using pattern, stitch snowflake onto Aida using a back stitch with the Metallic Pearl embroidery thread and a tapestry needle.
    3. Using the beading needle, stitch the pearls randomly around the outside of the snowflake to resemble tiny snowflakes. Alternatively, you can create a similar effect by stitching French Knots with the Metallic Pearl Floss around the large snowflake.
    4. Trim the Aida to a circle 1/2” larger than the embroidery hoop. Using a hot glue gun, glue the excess Aida to the back, inside of the embroidery hoop.
    5. Glue the circle of felt to the back of the hoop.
    6. Glue the button in place in the center of the snowflake. (Hint: If your decorative button has a shank, cut this part off with small wire cutters.)
    7. Feed the piece of lace through the top section of the embroidery hoop and knot the lace at the ends.
    Download and print these instructions here Love and Threads, The Commonthread by DMC Team  

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