Color Fiesta with Mexican Yarn Painting!

Le 08 September 2015
Craft Projects

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    via Handmade Charlotte
    About a year ago, I was vacationing at Rancho la Puerta and came in contact with an artist who created large scale art pieces with yarn. The art form is derived from the Huichol people in Mexico and is defined by its bright, bold colors and culturally significant symbols. It was believed that, in creating these works of art, the Huichol people could communicate with the gods and ensure a bountiful harvest. The artist painstakingly pressed individual strands of yarn into a large sheet of beeswax to create these intricately beautiful pieces and it got me thinking: couldn’t we replicate the same process with fun symbols of our own?
    The answer is YES! I love how, in these pieces, the boldness of the yarn colors is heightened by how tightly packed it is. It seems only fitting to pay tribute to one of the most colorful animals with our first attempt at this art form: the cockatoo! I wanted the ability to throw in some color anywhere in my house, so I opted for a throw pillow as my surface of choice for this project. You can pick up a blank pillowcase at your local craft store. Once you decide on an outline for the object you’ll be “painting,” you can go crazy with as many colors as you want, moving the yarn in different directions as you go-- whatever feels natural! Go with the flow! Once you begin, you may find that the direction you choose to move the yarn is just intuitive. Use the natural texture of the object to help guide you. For example, a bird’s feathers lay a very specific way, so use that information to guide the placement of the yarn. yarn-painting-4-large




    Step 1 DMC-2WEB Determine what object you want to “paint” and locate an illustration of that object online. (Hint: coloring book pages work great as outlines!) Print the image onto a piece of printable fabric paper. Cut out the outline of the object and glue it onto the surface of the pillowcase. Let dry. Step 2 DMC-41WEB Use a dark color of yarn to begin working on just the outline of the object. Use a fine tip paintbrush to paint small sections at a time with fabric glue. Allow plenty of time for this to dry, ideally overnight. This outline will serve as an outer wall to “paint” against so you want it to be sturdy.  Step 3 DMC-3WEB copy Select the colors you want to use to fill the object. Begin by covering a decent sized space with fabric glue and place one end of your yarn against the outline. Weave the yarn in a way that feels most organic, swirling back and forth across the surface. Once the object is completely filled in, select a contrasting color to outline the piece one more time. This final step is what will make the piece pop! Step 4 DMC-4WEB 

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