Gift for Besties: DIY Friendship Bracelets

    From our Commonthread Community, Kelly, Studio DIY In Kelly's Words: One of our most requested holiday items is DIY gifts, and since we’re all about you and your gal pals here, we couldn’t think of a better way to use our DIY gifting skills, so we’ll be bringing you all sorts of fun DIY gifts over the next few weeks leading up to the holidays. We’re kicking things off with a bit of a throwback… DIY friendship bracelets! Step2Step14Step3   I used to spend HOURS making friendship bracelets. Like, HOURS! I’d go to the craft store and buy oodles of thread (DMC thread, actually!) and just go to TOWN making bracelets for everyone. I thought it would be pretty fun to do a new version now, using some tried and true techniques… and some new ones too! This is all about the COLORS here, guys, and our pals at Commonthread by DMC. really BROUGHT IT in that category! Let’s make some arm candy! Untitled design


    For the beaded tassel bracelet:
    • Matte Neon Beads (Such as these or these!)
    • Craft Thread (We love the DMC craft thread Neon Prism line!)
    • Needle
    • Scissors
    • Scrap of Cardboard
      For the braided bracelet:   For the bangles:   [associated-products]  


    Step8Step7Step6Step5Step4Step1Step13Step10Step9Step11 1. For the beaded bracelet: Cut a piece of thread the length of your wrist plus four to five inches (for tying). Tie a knot about two inches into the thread and string on as many beads as fit around your wrist. Tie a knot in the other end. To make the tassels, cut a piece of scrap cardboard into a two inch wide rectangle. Wrap thread around and around the cardboard, about 15-20 times. Slip the looped thread off of the cardboard and tie a knot in the center with a separate piece of thread. Fold the tassel in half now, so that all the looped edges are facing towards the bottom. Take a third piece of thread and wrap it around and around all the threads, about six times. Use a tiny bit of glue to glue to secure the final end in place. Lastly, cut all the loops so your tassel is fringed, and trim any strings that look longer than the rest. Tie the tassels in between the beads where desired.   2. For the braided bracelet: You will need nine pieces, each cut to double the length of your wrist: two pieces of each of three embroidery colors and three pieces of chain. Tie all nine pieces together in a knot. Braid the pieces together, treating each color + one strand of chain as a section. Once you have a braid as long as needed to wrap around your wrist, tie another knot and trim the excess, leaving about two inches for tying. If you’d like, tie a bead onto the ends or glue a cabachon on top of the braid.   3. For the bangles: Tightly wrap embroidery thread around and around the bangle until the bangle is completely covered. Use a small bead of jewelry glue to secure the final end in place and trim the excess. Use another bead of glue to glue any cabachons or other charms to each bangle. Let set completely before wearing.   This would be such a fun gift to give to those besties who’ve been around since childhood. And then you can wear them while watching Now & Then and playing Dream Phone and MAN who needs to be an adult!? Have FUN! Step15 Step16Step17 Love and Threads, The Commonthread Team