Le 19 August 2015
Friendship Bracelets

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    The DIY friendship bracelet craze is in full swing here at the DMC office. Our top picks from our BFF Love Handmade Experience to show your best friend, how much you truly care. We love a good throwback to the simple times. Remember those warm days at summer camp where you bring your stash of DMC thread to the picnic tables and show off how well you can knot your own handwoven friendship bracelet? We’re bringing it back here at Commonthread and curated the best handmade friendship bracelets we could find, our wonderful featured Artisan, Crown + Leaf. We are obsessed with Stephanie from Crown and Leaf, she makes the coolest Friendship Bracelets. Follow her handmade story on Instagram. In true Commonthread fashion we are of course offering our Prism Craft thread and free DIY project sheets so you can make your own friendship bracelets and show your BFF how much you love them through the gift of handmade. Shop our BFF Handmade Experience, DMC DIY + Artisan Handmade Bracelets, and show your best friend some well deserved love.  

    The Commonthread BFF Love Handmade Experience Round Up:

    • Prism Thread - The BFF to DIY Friendship Bracelets. Our favorite craft thread comes in a rich rainbows of colors created specifically for making friendship bracelets. Available in packs and jumbo party packs.
    • Oh, and we have sparkly Prism Thread. Be jealous.
    • Crown + Leaf Friendship Bracelets - A modern take on the classic friendship bracelet, these are not the friendship bracelets of your gangly-limbed, silver-toothed youth. A sophisticated gift to share with your BFF! The Commonthread staffers have snapped these up for their own BFF’s so we have limited quantities left!
    • Prism Neon Thread - WARNING: These wild styles are not for the meek of heart. Electrifying colors for fun and unique looks that are guaranteed to stand out in the crowd.
    • DIY Friendship Bracelet Patterns - Showing you everything you need to know about bracelet making. With literally hundreds of different designs to show you BFF some love.
    • Pearl Cotton Thread – DMC Pearl Cotton is a great thread for friendship bracelet making. Non-divisible and available in 36 vibrant colors that feature color variations. We dare you to find a stronger and more beautiful thread for your friendship bracelets.
    • DMC Embroidery Floss - #1 customer choice. Available in thread bundles hand selected by the Commonthread tastemakers. New bundles added weekly.
    Everything handmade and DIY inspired to show your BFF some well-deserved love.

    Shop the Entire BFF Love Experience.


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