Finger Knit Yoga Mat Strap

Le 02 October 2015

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    We are In LOVE with 2 things this weekend: Our new Natura XL and finger knitting. It's super easy and you get into that yummy stitching zone where the world falls away and it's just you and your needle and yarn, or in this case , your fingers. We made an easy DIY project for this weekend's stitching; a yoga mat strap. We finger knitted this baby up in under an hour and used Natura XL in colors fuchsia and aqua.


    Two Balls of DMC Natura XL




    Follow along as we show how to finger knit using DMC Natura XL!

    DMC#1-02481DMC#1-02491DMC#1-02501DMC#1-02511DMC#1-02531DMC#1-02541DMC#1-02581DMC#1-02581yogamatstrap We'll see you on the mat! 

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