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Hand Embroiderer Mary Corbet & the Coloris Kaleidoscope

Le 17 October 2016
Embroidery Patterns|Free DIY Projects

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    Hand Embroiderer Mary Corbet & the Coloris Kaleidoscope

    Master embroiderer, Mary Corbet, of the site Needle ‘n Thread, honed her skills by asking ‘how’d they do that’. It’s an essential question for any artist, and looking at Mary’s work, it’s easy to see that her talent is constantly evolving and growing. That’s just one of the reasons we asked her to try out our multi-colored Coloris thread. We wanted to see a maker of such incredible skill put this floss into action. We think you’ll be as impressed by the results as we were. Interested in kaleidoscope designs, Mary determined that Coloris, with its multicolored makeup, was a perfect floss for this type of intricate pattern. This bold floss has the ability to make any project look even more complex than it is simply because each strand of floss is made up of four DMC shades. Each skein is designed with complementary colors for a balanced result. To complete her pattern, Mary chose to use Coloris shade 4507 as well as DMC embroidery floss in blues, pinks, aqua, and turquoise. The result is a bright, bold, and brilliant design. Now it’s your turn. Go get yourself some Coloris thread and make a kaleidoscope all your own! [caption id="attachment_5224" align="aligncenter" width="800"]The Kaleidoscope Pattern The Kaleidoscope Pattern[/caption]     Download the project instructions here.   Special thanks to Mary Corbet!   [associated-products]   Love & Threads, The DMC Team

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