Best Projects for Embroidery Beginners

Le 23 September 2015
Embroidery Patterns

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    Embroidery is so timeless! Even if you’ve never attempted the art form before, you’ve probably admired the finished product on a number of occasions and talked yourself out of ever trying. Maybe your fear it that it’s too time intensive, or you don’t have the “artistic vision” to begin or see it through, but I’m here to tell you that it absolutely doesn’t have to be that way - you could be ad- miring your very own finished embroidered piece in no time, if you know where and how to properly begin! Start small: maybe you’re just stitching into a piece of paper or an old photo and framing it on your wall. Maybe you’re just learning how to do a running stitch across an embroidery hoop. Be- fore you know it, that running stitch might turn into a coral stitch, a chain stitch or a french knot! Then those stitches become letters and monograms, intricate floral designs or entire landscapes - dream big! While those projects may seem daunting now, they won’t as you grow in your craft. Be- low, we’ve provided you with a list of project-starters that will ease you into the wonderful world of embroidery. beginner-1 Sometimes, the easiest place to start stitching is with a simple piece of cardstock. We love prints with bright, cheerful designs that are easy to stitch around. These stitchables by Mollie Johanson are some of our very favorites! beginner-2 Ready to graduate from paper but still aren’t quite ready to make the embroidery hoop plunge? How about using yarn or embroidery floss to “cross stitch” on household objects? The Red Thread shows you how! Choosing an object with holes already cut out of it makes it super simple to dive right in. beginner-3 Once you’re ready to begin embroidering with a hoop, don’t be afraid to keep your project small in scale at first! We love these tiny cross stitched buttons from My Poppet Makes that are social media themed. Keeping the pattern small means that you can finish in a shorter amount of time, leaving you feeling very accomplished once it’s completed. beginner-4 An embroidery sampler kit is a fantastic investment for first-time embroiderers! A sampler kit, like this one from The Purl Bee, will typically include step-by-step instructions for your basic stitches as well as your decorative ones. beginner-5 Practice your backstitch with this next project from HP! This mixed media hoop art only looks super complicated - it’s actually very straightforward and every step is laid out for you in this helpful tutorial. beginner-6 Hoop-A-Loops starter kits come with all the tools you need to produce these sprightly designs, super cute! beginner-7 This kit from Lovely Messes is color-coded, making it the embroidery equivalent of a color-by-number! beginner-8 When you really feel like you’re getting the hang of it, have a go at this adorable “party animal” pattern from Brit + Co and get down with your bad self - you just taught yourself how to embroider! Our favorite embroidery beginner selects from the shop   [associated-products]  

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