Embroidery Pattern: Be Wild Embroidered Project

Le 16 August 2016

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    Free Embroidery Pattern
    Featuring Coloris Thread
    By Femme Broidery
    Be Wild and stitch freely using our new multicolored DMC Coloris Embroidery Floss composed of a blend of four DMC floss colors in a single thread. Let your Bold shine through your next project.
    Maria Arseniuk from Femme.Broidery has an Insta feed of delicious hand embroidered goodness. We contacted her to see if she would be interested in creating a project with us using our new DMC Coloris Threads. The result of this collaboration is a series of beautiful embroidery patterns. We are offering them to our stitchers as a free download so you can get inspired by the different stitches you can create with DMC Coloris Thread to bring your embroidery to life.


    Coloris Project - Body [associated-products] Love and Threads, The Commonthread by DMC Team

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