Embroidery DIY: Coloris Heart & Patterns Hoops

Le 14 September 2016

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    Embroidery DIY: Coloris Heart & Patterns Hoops
    Today we’re offering up two sweet patterns that will have your embroidery sitting at the cool table. They feature the ever fresh and always dazzling, Coloris thread.
      [associated-products] For those of your who aren’t familiar with this bold DMC textile, Coloris is 100% cotton embroidery thread that’s made up of four different complimentary shades. Meaning you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to change threads. Now your needle can get into the embroidery groove and stay there because the color will change all on its own. Even better, each shade within every strand corresponds to the 117 colors in DMC’s embroidery floss palette, so if you do decide to change thread you don’t have to worry that the switch will be too stark. Coloris Embroidery - Body 1 These enchanting embroidery designs show off the best of what Coloris has to offer. The thread’s multicolored feature results in a finished product with more complexity and brightness. But don’t take our word for it. Try these patterns out and let us know what you think. We’re pretty sure you will have a new fave thread.

    Download Project Sheet Here

    Coloris Embroidery - Body 2 [associated-products] Love and Threads, The Commonthread Team

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