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Express Yourself: Embroidered Gloves

Le 06 December 2016
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    Express Yourself: Embroidered Gloves

    Embroidered gloves. They are the perfect gift for those of us who like to talk with our hands. They’re an even better present for those shy friends that don’t gesticulate every emotion they’re having (like some of us do).   This project sheet offers the following expressions: Hand Made, Love Live, Pink Lady, and Look Book, but you can write whatever you want! Personalize it to the recipient and they’ll be so taken by the thoughtful gesture. And let’s face it, it always feels good to use your DIY skills to make something uniquely special for someone you care about. So while everyone else is shopping for a plain ol’ pair of gloves, you’ll know that you’ll be tricking out a pair, making them go from ordinary to extraordinary. [caption id="attachment_5896" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Embroidered Gloves Embroidered Gloves[/caption] Here are the materials you’ll need to customize a pair of gloves: Gloves Embroidery Scissors Embroidery transfer pen DMC embroidery needle size 3 DMC embroidery floss E699 DMC embroidery floss E310 DMC embroidery floss 5289 DMC embroidery floss E3843   Download the project sheet here.   Happy stitching!     [associated-products]     Love & Threads,   The DMC Team

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