Embroidered Clutch

Le 30 December 2015

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    We have the cutest embroidered leather clutch for you to make! Gather your DMC embroidery thread on Commonthread and learn how to make it below. DMC#4-803411


    • A piece of thick leather (1,5 mm thickness), 30x30cm is enough
    • 5 gold button studs
    • multihole puncher
    • scissors
    • DMC tapestry needle
    • DMC embroidery scissors
    • marker
    • punch
    • DMC embroidery floss 3848
    • DMC embroidery floss 3805
    • DMC embroidery floss 725
    • DMC embroidery floss 826
    • cutting matt
    • foam work surface
    • cutter

     Instructions: DMC#4-8034111

    1. Cut out the leather into the envelope shape. Mark the holes with a marker.DMC#4-8006
    2. Add the holes using the hole puncher. DMC#4-80343
    3. With the cutter cut a line into the button that closes the clutch. Use a cutting matt to protect your working table.DMC#4-803422
    4. Rub with a wipe the sides of the clutch, it will make the surface softer. 
    5. Fold the clutch together, with the two sides flaps first and then the bottom flap over the top. Secure it with the studs. Add the final stud as the button that closes the clutch. DMC#4-80310
    6. Use the punch to make small holes. Don’t forget to use a foam work surface to protect your working table.
    7. With 3 strands of DMC embroidery thread embroider the diagonal lines.DMC#4-80345
    8. Press down the top hole onto the button stud to secure. Voila!
    Enjoy your cute handmade accessory! DMC#4-803411 Viva la Handmade Revolution. Love, The Commonthread Team      

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