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Le 26 July 2016
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    We love dream catchers because while the designs and legends of dream catchers differ slightly, the underlying meaning and symbolism is universal and carried across cultures and language barriers.
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    • Prism threads
    • Needle
    • Embroidery Hoop
    • Scissors

    STEP 1

    step1step 2 Take your Prism thread and tie a knot at the top of your hoop (where the screw is). Begin by draping the thread (loosely) with the help of a needle across the front of the hoop. Wrap the thread over the hoop, and then pull it underneath and back toward the front of the hoop, crossing over itself.

    STEP 2

    step 3 Continue wrapping the thread around the hoop. Space the thread loops evenly as you work, about an inch apart, so that your last thread loop ends roughly where you began. Tie a knot after the last loop.

    STEP 3

    Grab your next thread color. Tie a knot with your new thread in the center of the next loop (from the first round around the hoop). Loop the thread through the center of the next thread loop, pulling it over top and then underneath.

    STEP 4

    Continue looping the thread through the loops (try to do it in the middle) in this over-under weaving pattern around the entire hoop. You can change the color of the thread every 2 or 3 rounds. Continue weaving until you've reached the center of the web. Traditional dreamcatchers leave a small hole in the center to filter the bad dreams out. Tie the thread in a knot in the center of the web and cut off the excess when you are ready to stop weaving.


    step 4 step 5 step 6 step 7 step 8 step 9
    • Make some tassels to decorate the dream catcher. Use a skein of prism for every tassel.
    • Tie 5-inch thread into a tight knot around middle of the skein.
    • Pull ends of 5-inch thread upward and wound threads downward. Cut through looped ends, and adjust into tassel shape.
    • Cut a 12-inch length of thread to wrap the tassel neck. Wrap slowly, working from the bottom of the neck up.
    • After wrapping neck, pass end of thread through loop and gently close loop, tucking ends into the head of the tassel.
    • Trim tassel ends.
    • Use the tie-off threads on top of the tassel to attach it to your project.
    Legend has it, The Chippewa native tribes believe that the night is full of both good and bad dreams. The good dreams knowing their way, pass through the opening in the center while the bad dreams get caught in the webbing and are destroyed at the first light of morning sun. Put your beautiful custom handmade dream catchers. Happy Dreaming! Love and Threads, The Commonthread Team

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