DIY Pomeranian Pillow

Le 26 August 2015
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    Sam and Callie Beckerman here and we teamed up with Commonthread to create a DIY Pomeranian hand-stitched embroidered pillow and we are OBSESSED with it! It's the cutest to create your own personalized dog or cat pillow with your own furry pet as inspiration. And this pillow is a hit! Everybody wants it and you can bring it everywhere because it's small...perfect for back to school, on the bed and your pet will love it! The Cuteness Factor is a definite 10! Lol! So first, we found an adorable pic of our dog Marni's face, picked up these supplies below and got right to work. 16A-diy-commonthread-beckermanblog-4x6 1A-supplies-4x6  


    DMC Tea-dyed Linen Fabric (it's a really soft and beautiful linen) Acrylic Paints Paintbrushes DMC Embroidery Floss Art. 117 Scissors White Thread for hand sewing Hand Sewing Needles Black Felt Tip Marker Stuffing for the inside of the pillow Velvet Fabric (we picked up for the back of the pillow) but you could technically use the Linen.   [associated-products]  


    1. Begin by loosely sketching out your dog's face. Remember, this whole dog pillow project is all about having fun and being free while painting and stitching. Make sure to let loose and don't worry about going outside of the lines when painting. We free-handed this with a black felt tip marker and painted Marni's face with paint.2A-firstillustration-4x63A-whitepaint-4x6 5A-paintingmarni-4x6
    1. Cut half an inch around the face of the pillow. This will be the front of the pillow and the extra seam allowance will help you sew it together.
    1. We took the DMC Embroidery thread and highlighted her fur by making it look 3D. We also gave Marni black eyelashes and basted in black around her whole face
    7A-embroidery-4x6 8A-embroiderycomplete-4x6
    1. Now cut the back of the fabric. We took the velvet and cut the back of the fabric by just tracing the face with the velvet facing flat on the table. You want two of the same shapes for the head.
    1. We hand stitched the front and back pieces together. Hand stitch the two right sides together with little tiny stitches. Leave some room at the the top of the pillow to flip it inside out. Once the pillow is flipped inside out, you can then stuff it with the pillow stuffing.
    1. Then you can finish up by sewing the last ear up and adding on those whiskers!
    12A-sewingpillow-4x6 13A-whiskers-4x6   Viola! You've just made the cutest pillow in town. Now all that's left to do is sit back and enjoy your comfy new pillow. Isn't it the cutest? Check out the link below for a quick video of us in action, making our DIY Marni Pillow.

    DIY Pomeranian Pillow


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