DIY String Art

Le 04 August 2015
Craft Projects

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    Looking for a unique decoration that's sure to wow your friends and family? Then look no further. String art is a fabulous way to spruce up your home decor and add a little charm to any room in the house. With their vibrant and cheerful designs they also make fun gifts that are sure to have your friends raving for years. Check out these fun instructions on how to make your own DIY string art design.


    • Printed design template
    • Wood board or plaque, sized to fit your design. This example is a piece of old barn siding.
    • Linoleum nails (5/8" size) 1 box
    • DMC Pearl Cotton Size 5, assorted colors one skein each
    • Needle nose pliers
    • Tweezers
    • Fast-drying craft glue
    • Double-sided tape


    1. Find or sketch a design you like and print a paper template smaller than your wood base.
    String Art - Step 1
    1. Position the template on the wood base and secure with double-sided tape.
    1. Use the hammer to tap the nails into the wood through the paper template, spacing them evenly along the border of your design. Hold the nails in place with needle nose pliers to protect your fingers. Hammer to a uniform depth.
    String Art - Step 2   String Art - Step 3
    1. Remove the paper template. Use tweezers or needle nosed pliers to remove any small pieces of paper or tape that remain between the nails.
    1. Knot the DMC Pearl Cotton to any nail and begin wrapping the thread in a zigzag pattern. Wrap the thread sparingly to show more of the base or wrap in several layers to create a more solid color.
    String Art - Step 4
    1. When you finish the first color area, tie the floss in an overhand knot around the last nail and add a drop of glue to secure and prevent unraveling.
    (step out photo 5 – detail of several color areas of flower)
    1. Repeat the process for all colors and areas.
    1. Display proudly.
    String Art72

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