The DIY Ornament Series: The Bargello Cushion

Le 06 December 2016
Holiday DIY

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    The DIY Ornament Series: The Little Bargello Cushion

      If you’ve been stitching along with our DIY Christmas Tree Ornament Series, you now should have a number of traditional ornaments embroidered onto cork, elegant ones stitched onto mesh, a gingerbread girl and boy  and crochet stars. With all of these goodies, your tree is destined for some serious holiday beauty done the DIY way. However, there’s one more Christmas tree ornament pattern that we couldn’t help but bring you. This time it’s this little Bargello Cushion. If you’ve never heard of bargello, here’s some background. According to the Oxford Dictionary, Bargello is a “kind of embroidery worked on canvas in stitch patterns suggestive of flames.” It’s a stunner to say the least.   While we love this as an ornament, you might find it useful as a decorative piece to show off year round. And like all of the other ornaments in our series, we think it would make a notable holiday gift or be perfect in an ornament exchange with friends.   The pattern here calls for DMC Tapestry Wool. It’s wonderfully soft and has great canvas coverage, making it wonderful for decorative projects, so this is a safe bet for this show-stopping cushion.   The Bargello Cushion is our last offering in the DIY Ornament Series, but as they say, last but not least… [caption id="attachment_5814" align="aligncenter" width="800"]The supplies needed to make the little Bargello Cushion. The supplies needed to make the little Bargello Cushion.[/caption] Here’s to a DIY Christmas tree!       Download the Project Pattern Here     [associated-products]     Love & Threads,   The DMC Team

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