DIY Memory Thread Owl Sneakers

Le 28 August 2015
Craft Projects

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    Do you like Owls? At Commonthread we're obsessed with these cute little creatures. They’re so fascinating! Whether they’re in a Tootsie Pop commercial or hanging out in the tree out side your window, we think it’s pretty safe to say that these birds are pretty awesome. Did you know that they can be found on every continent except Antarctica? Did also you know that technically, they don’t have eye balls? It’s true! They’re actually more like telescopic eye tubes. Pretty crazy right? Their eye are elongated and held in place by "sclerotic rings," a bony structure in the skull. Because of this, owls can't really move or roll their eyes. That's why they have heightened mobility in their necks, that let’s them turn their heads so far around. OK, enough geeking out. Lets get down to business. In honor of our favorite feathered friend the owl, we came up with a really cute project for some weekend DIY. So if you love owls as much as we do than you’ll really love these adorable DIY owl shoes using our DMC Memory Thread. sneaker1   

    White canvas sneakers (simply choose different Memory Thread colors if your sneakers are not white) DMC Memory Thread – one shuttle of each:     Brown, color #6010     Turquoise, color #6110     Light Green, color #6070     Dark Green, color #6340     Black, color #6020     Peach, color #6060     Pink, color #6130 DMC Embroidery Transfer Pen DMC Embroidery Scissors Fast, clear-drying, acid-free glue 2 blue buttons (1/2 inch in diameter) optional Jewelry Pliers Notes: Use pliers to crimp ends of Memory Thread® and seal with a dab of glue or clear nail polish before gluing in place.   [associated-products]  


    1. Transfer pattern to shoes using Embroidery Transfer Pen, adjusting as needed to fit the area being accented. 
    2. Using the printed owl as a template, shape and trim the Memory Thread to match. A drop of glue on the ends will prevent raveling. If you don’t like the shape you have formed, simply straighten the Memory Thread and begin again. 
    3. Pinch the Memory Thread to form points for ears, beak, and wings. Use tight circles for the eyes. sneaker2
    4. Working from the inside of the design out, glue the pieces of Memory Thread onto the shoes. Don’t worry about the Transfer Pen markings - they will disappear with a little water. sneaker4
    5. Lace up your new kicks and hit the streets! You're ready to rock 'n roll with your awesome new owl inspired shoes. 

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