DIY Ice Cream Sneakers

Le 30 July 2015
Craft Projects

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    How to
    Make those White Sneakers
    The Coolest Ever with Embroidery & Pom Poms!
    DIY embroidered sneakers so you rock the cutest sneakers you will ever wear. Plus pom poms make everything better.

    By: Kelley Mindell, Studio DIY

    ice-cream-sneakers-2   ice-cream-sneakers-4


      • White Sneakers
      • DMC Pearl Cotton Embroidery Thread, Art. 115/5, Size 5 Skeins
      • DMC Tapestry Wool Yarn, Art. 486/487
      • Embroidery Needle
      • Scissors
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        • Cut a long piece of DMC embroidery thread and thread your needle, tying a knot at the ends. ice-cream-sneakers-5
        • Thread your needle through the shoe from the inside out and then back through the shoe about 3/4″ away from the first stitch, forming a sprinkle.
        • Repeat a second time, over the first stitch you made, for a thicker sprinkle.
        • ice-cream-sneakers-7Trim the thread, leaving a few inches to tie a knot. Tie the knot and trim excess. Repeat as many sprinkles as you desire with the same color thread all over the shoe.
        • To make the pom pom, cut off a 6″ piece of DMC yarn and set aside. Wrap the rest of the skein of yarn around four fingers on your hand.
        • ice-cream-sneakers-9Slip the 6″ piece between your middle and ring finger and tie loosely around the loops of yarn you just made, just to hold it in place for now.
        • Pull off your hand and tie a tight double knot around the center of your yarn, leave the excess yarn as this is how you’ll tie it to your shoe.
        • ice-cream-sneakers-11Holding the center of the yarn where you tied your knot, use your scissors to cut the loops open, as shown above. Do so on both sides.
        • Fluff out the ends forming a pom pom and trim to desired length so they are all even. Tie the pom to the bottom lace of your sneaker in a tight double knot and trim excess.

            I mean… can you even handle how fun these are!? Am I allowed to say that? I don’t care that Ice Cream Month is almost over… it’s ALWAYS time to get your ice cream social on!!

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