DIY Halloween Friendship Bracelets

Le 23 September 2016
Halloween DIY

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    Spooky DIY
    Halloween Friendship Bracelets
      A DIY Halloween is a must-do for all the makers out there. Between the costumes (pet and human) and the decorations, there are so many crafting possibilities that it’s frightening! (Yes, that was a DIY Halloween pun!) But being a crafter can sometimes feel a bit solitary. We want you to get out there and socialize. That’s why these Halloween-themed friendship bracelets are so great. You can get together with friends and braid away while you chat, gossip, and snack (because snacks are always a must). We also love these because it’s something you can do with your child. You can each pick your favorite pattern and braid your own, or switch and braid each other’s. It’s a wonderful and different way to spend time together. Halloween-DIY-Friendship-Bracelet-Body These patterns were created by Carrie McMahon, owner of Craftaholic Carrie. Each bracelet features a spooky design: the Glowing Ghosts, the Spooky Jack O Lantern, and the Neon Bats. They all utilize DMC Prism thread, which is a six-strand, 100% mercerized cotton floss. It’s the perfect thread to use for making friendship bracelets. The Glowing Ghosts design has the added bonus of using DMC’s Light Effects Glow in the Dark thread (cue spooky laugh!). Each pattern is for an intermediate braider, and Carrie advises makers that the time it takes to complete will vary depending on skill level (and how much gossiping you do). [associated-products]

    Download Glowing Ghost Friendship Bracelet Project Sheet Here

    Download Spooky Jack'O'Lanterns Friendship Bracelet Project Sheet Here

    Download Neon Bats Friendship Bracelet Project Sheet Here

    There you have it! A little something different for having your very own DIY Halloween! [associated-products] Love and Threads, The Commonthread by DMC Team

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