DIY Fruit Pom Pom Tote Bag

Le 14 August 2015
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    The cutest Pom Pom tutorial that will make this all so simple.


    Hey everybody, Amber from Damask Love here and today I want to talk pom-poms. Pom-poms are my spirit animal. I’m mildly obsessed with them. Pom-pom making is such an awesome textile craft for those of us who aren't the crochet-knitting-tatting type. If you can wrap yarn, you can make pom poms. If you can use scissors, you can make pom-poms. If you can tie a knot, you can make pom poms. It’s easy and when you’re done, those pom poms can transform in the cutest little things - like fruit. I transformed my pom-poms into a trio of fruit to dress up the front of a canvas tote bag. Here’s how it’s done:  


    Woolly Merino Yarn in Peach, Orange and Red Pom Pom Maker Craft Glue Canvas Tote Bag Green embroidery floss Embroidery Needle Transfer Pen Green Felt   



    1. Wrap yarn around one side of the pom pom maker
    2. With one side wrapped, close the pom pom maker
    3. Cut the yarn
    4. Tie a piece of yarn tightly around the cut yarn
    5. Remove the half-pom-pom from the pom pom maker and trim with scissors. Repeat steps 1-5 with all the colors of yarn
    6. Arrange the pom poms on the tote bag and use a transfer pen to draw the stem shapes
    7. Use a needle and embroidery floss to stitch along the transfer pen lines. After you’ve finished stitching, you can machine wash the tote to remove the blue transfer pen lines.
    8. Place a large amount of glue on the back of the pom poms
    9. Adhere the pom poms onto the bag and allow them to dry completely



    This tote bag is the perfect market accessory! I can guarantee you’ll get stopped with questions about where you got such a cute and unique tote…and that’s when you get to say: “I made it!” Visit me at Damask Love to see more pretty photos of this tote-ally adorable project!

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