DIY Denim Chocolate

Le 21 August 2015

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    Hey everybody! It’s Sam and Callie Beckerman. We teamed up with Commonthread to create the chocolate bar jeans of our dreams. And we are talking about a whole lot of variety! We painted them by hand and embroidered them using DMC thread. Not only did these jeans put us in a chocolate frenzy, but we had the best time making them and eating some chocolates along the way. sam-4x6 


    A pair of jeans pants Acrylic craft paint (assorted colors) and brushes Permanent marker Ink pen DMC Six-Strand Embroidery Floss (assorted colors) Hand sewing needles and thread Scissors Fabric glue (optional) Jean patches- extra denim   [associated-products]   We used an old pair of vintage Levi’s jeans because we love how they fit. Make sure you use jeans you love, because with all the time and effort of making these, you gotta love them when they are finished. We then washed a bunch of cut up denim swatches and threw them in the dryer so that they would have frayed raw edges. We had different color denim scraps, which you can use as well. We love the trend of patches on jeans. But this is taking it to the next level by making your own patches. Supplies 4x6 Next up we printed some chocolate bars that we are obsessed with to follow as a guide. On the darker denim swatches we used a permanent marker to free hand the chocolate bars. On the lighter denim swatches, we mapped it out with pen. We think it’s better just to free hand and have fun with it and not worry if they look a little kooky. It makes the jeans look more handmade and have more personality. We almost ran out of room when doing the last "s" on the Snickers bar and now it looks extra cute. Mars 4x6Aero 4x6 twix 4x6 M&M 4x6 After painting the jeans on the patches, we took the embroidery thread and stitched highlights and creases on the hand painted chocolate bars. Up close you can see the stitching, but from far away it just blends right in. It’s those special little details up close that makes it look exquisite. embroidery kitkat 4x6 embroidery snickers for instagram The last step is hand sewing the patches on the jeans. We did this with a needle and thread and a quick whip stitch up all sides. It's helpful to use a piece of cardboard in between the pant leg to help the hand sewing process. You could also glue the patches to the jeans with fabric glue instead of stitching them...and VOILA! Our Chocolate Bar DIY JEANS are done! But don't forget to take a BREAK a la KitKat while you are making these jeans for an extra sugar high! handsewing aero patch for instagram handsewing patches 4x6 jeans 4x6handsewing jeans 4x6sam 4x6 half sam- 4x6 pants close up KitKat and Snickers are registered trademarks of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A. and Mars Incorporated, respectively.

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