Damask Love Cross Stitch Spider Tote

Le 22 October 2015
Halloween DIY

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    Let me start of by getting down to the nitty gritty.

    Before today’s project, I never cross stitched a thing. Not once. A few years back, I had to create a quick hem on a skirt using a sad blanket stitch but that’s about it.

    So here’s the moral of the story: If I can do this. You can do this. Trust me. Cross stitch comes down to two things: X’s and counting. You can do both, which means you know everything you need to know to create something cool.

    With Halloween on our heels, I opted for a cross stitch spider tote that will last for years to come and hold loads of Halloween candies…and we can all agree, that’s what’s most important…candy! 



    You will also need:

    a simple pattern. I used THIS one from Etsy. If you are new to cross stitch, I recommend starting with a pattern that uses only one color of embroidery floss. This spider is a great place to start. (not pictured)

    A large bowl filled with lukewarm water

    Instructions :


    1. Place the soluble canvas onto the tote and use a wide stitch to secure the canvas into place.
    2. Stitch along all four sides of the canvas


    3. Follow the cross stitch pattern then trim away those wide stitches

    4. With the wide stitches removed, trim away all the excess soluble fabric, getting as close as you can to the cross stitched image without cutting any of the stitching


    5. Dip the canvas and cross stitched image directly into the warm water. The soluble canvas will begin to dissolve. Use your fingers to gently rub it away. Continue rubbing until all the canvas has dissolved.

    6. You’ll be left with your cross stitched image. Allow it to dry completely

    7. (not pictured) Use the water soluble pen to draw a spiderweb shape then use a simple backstitch to follow the spiderweb lines. Then rinse away any pen markings with water.


    I love how this project turned out! The cross stitch makes it a durable, usable tote Halloweeny tote that I can keep for years without worrying about the image peeling off or becoming ruined. Are you inspired to give cross stitching a try? With the soluble canvas, you can really take your cross stitching skills to any surface!

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