Cross Stitch (My) Heart

Le 03 November 2016
Valentines Day DIY

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    n honor of today’s cross stitch heart pattern, we’ve been trying to come up with all the different song titles that have the word ‘heart’ in them (because who doesn’t love stitching while listening to some tunes). “Heart of Glass” by Blondie, “Gypsy Heart” by Elton John,

    “Hungry Heart” by Bruce Springsteen, and of course there’s the band called Heart. You could seriously make a day’s long playlist filled with songs about your ticker. Come to think of it, what an amazing way to spend an afternoon!   And while you’re grooving,

    why not stitch up this pattern?

    We’ve used it to create adorable elbow patches. It adds a subtle charm to a ho hum cardigan. Let it fill you up with joy because as The Boss once said, “Everybody’s got a hungry heart.Supplies need to create the cross stitch heart.







    • Cardigan

    • Waste canvas 8.5 count

    • Embroidery scissors

    • Embroidery needle

    • DMC embroidery floss 666

    • Tweezer

    STEP 1

    Cut a piece of waste canvas and baste it to
    the elbows of the cardigan

      STEP 2

    Using 3 strands of DMC embroidery floss,
    stitch the design
    (as shown in the downloadable pattern)
    over 3 waste canvas threads.

      STEP 3

    Remove the waste canvas threads.
    Note: sometimes using a tweezer works best.

    Step 1 of creating the cross stitch heart.   Step 2 of creating the cross stitch heart.   Step 3 of creating the cross stitch heart.

    Download the Project Sheet Here

      Love & Threads   The DMC Team

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