A Stitch in Time: Embroidered Family Photo

Le 11 March 2016

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    Something old or something new. Take any photo and make it a little more special by adding that embroidered touch. Enjoy this Free embroidered DIY project. Finished measurements: aprox 8” Embroidered_Photo-Supplies


    • Round embroidery hoop 8”
    • Cotton fabric 9” x 9”
    • Embroidery scissors
    • Scissors
    • DMC embroidery needle size 3
    • Iron-on printer paper
    • Iron
    • DMC 550 embroidery floss
    • DMC 209 embroidery floss
    • DMC 702 embroidery floss
    • DMC 704 embroidery floss
    • DMC 972 embroidery floss
    • DMC 3846 embroidery floss
    • DMC 608 embroidery floss
    • DMC 892 embroidery floss
    • DMC BLANC embroidery floss
    • Glue


    STEP 1
    Embroidered_Photo-Step 1 Print a photo onto the transfer paper (be sure to read the paper’s directions first). Remember to reverse your photo befote printing so when you transfer it to the fabric it looks correct.  
    STEP 2
    Embroidered_Photo-Step 2 Cut out the photo, leaving a border of about ¼ inch.  
    STEP 3
    Embroidered_Photo-Step 3 Iron photo onto your cotton fabric. Place the photo in the middle of your fabric (with the image facing down and the backing of the paper facing up). Iron over the backing paper, be sure the edges are ironed.  
    STEP 4
    Embroidered_Photo-Step 4 Wait for the paper to cool down and gently remove the backing paper.  
    STEP 5
    Embroidered_Photo-Step 5 Place the fabric in the embroidery hoop and tighten. Embroider your family photo as you prefer.  
    STEP 6
    Embroidered_Photo-Step 6 When you are finished, carefully cut the fabric around the hoop and glue the edges to the back part of the embroidery hoop.   Happy Stitching, The Commonthread Team

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