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Embroidery DIY: Pearl Cotton Bunting

Le 10 May 2016
Home Decor

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    Spring is in the air! With all the sunshine and beautiful flowers in bloom, you can’t help but feel inspired to give your pad a freshening up. By getting rid of the pieces that aren’t you anymore and adding accessories that bring you joy, you’re sure to bring that reinvigorated spring feeling right into your home. Bunting - Blog1  


    [associated-products]   That’s just one of the things we love about this bunting pattern. It gives you a chance to showcase something that brings you joy—embroidery—in a totally stylish way. The other thing we love about it, is that it calls for DMC’s Pearl Cotton floss. With the thread’s gorgeous sheen, this home décor piece will not go unnoticed. Who knew a pattern could put such a spring in your step?!


    Bunting - Main   Love and Threads, The Commonthread Team

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