Crazy Eyed Candy Corn Felties

Le 09 October 2015
Halloween DIY

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    We are crazy for candy corn! Get the tutorial to make your own Crazy Eyed Candy Corn felties with DMC Memory Thread faces. Perfect for party table decor or to give as a gift with a basket of candy corn. Common-Threads-Holloween-5

    Materials :

    • DMC Six Strand Embroidery Floss, one skein each
    • DMC 444 Dark Lemon
    • DMC 947 Burnt Orange
    • DMC 801 Dark Coffee Brown
    • DMC Memory Thread, one shuttle color 6010 Brown
    • Craft felt 9” x 12” – 2 pc each in white, yellow and orange
    • Polyester fiberfill
    • DMC Tapestry Needle Size 26
    • Scissors
    • Pen or pencil
    • Fabric pins


    1. Print and cut out the paper templates. Trace the templates as noted onto the felt to make six of each color. Cut out the felt shapes.
    2. To make one side of a candy corn: Overlap the yellow middle stripe on top of the white tip. Pin on the sides and in the middle to hold the pieces in position. Use three strands of DMC 444 to blanket stitch the yellow felt to the white felt as shown. Overlap the orange felt on top of the yellow stripe, pin, and use three strands of DMC 947 to blanket stitch the orange to the yellow as shown. Remove the pins. Trim edges even where colors are joined.
    3. Repeat five more times to make a total of six candy corns.
    4. Use the Memory Thread to create funny eyes and faces as shown. Use one strand of DMC 801 to couch the Memory Thread face onto the candy corn. Repeat two more times to make a total of three candy corn faces.
    5. Stack one plain candy corn with one candy corn face, right sides out. Use three strands of DMC 444 to whip stitch the two together. Leave a small opening at the bottom, but do not clip the thread or remove the needle.
    6. Lightly stuff the candy corn with polyester fiberfill as desired and continue to whip stitch to close the opening.
    7. Repeat for the remaining two candy corns.
    Candy Corn Template copy 2 Download the Candy Corn Template PDF Get creative with your faces. Happy crafting!  

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