Get Connected: Cozy Crochet Chain

Le 18 November 2015
Holiday DIY

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    We love projects that have endless possibilities. That’s why we’re all grins about this Crochet Chain. This is the perfect pattern for stitchers with imagination because there are so many ways to use the finished piece. Hang it from your ceiling for a cool effect. Or make a few and use it for window decoration. Or how about using it to make creative wall art? There’s no wrong answer. So get this pattern and start stitching. main 22


    [associated-products]   Abbreviations:   Rnd = Round sc = single crochet ch = chain sl st = slip stitch st = stitch


    STEP 1
    Crochet chain 1 With Natura XL 04 (pink) Ch 24, join with sc to form a ring. Take care and don’t twist your stitches.
    STEP 2
    Crochet chain 2  [ Do not join an do not turn at the end of each round, rounds are worked in continuous spirals ] 1 sc in each st around
    STEP 3
    Crochet chain 3 Continue 1 sc in each st for 5 Rnds.
    STEP 4
    Crochet chain 4 Join with sl st to next st. , leaving a long end for sewing.
    STEP 5
    Crochet chain 4 Take the tapestry needle and join the working edge of your work (top) to the foundation ch (bottom). Weave in ends.
    STEP 6
    Crochet chain 6 Roll the join into the centre of your link, and gently squeeze it to get it into a nice shape
    STEP 7
    Crochet chain 7 With Natura XL 83 (green) Start the second link. Ch 24, join with sc to form a ring aroubd the first link. Take care and don’t twist your stitches.
    STEP 8
    Crochet chain 8
    Step 9
    Crochet chain 9 Complete this second link as you did for your previous link. Keep adding new links in this way until you reach the desired length. Crochet chain 10 Crochet chain 11Crochet chain 12 What did you do with your Crochet Chain? Viva la Handmade Revolution! The Commonthread Team

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