Stitchable Cork Book Binding Project

Le 23 September 2016

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    We’re so excited about DMC’s new stitchable cork fabric, that we can’t help but offer more projects to get you loving this textile as much as we do. This design utilizes this cool stitchable material in a book binding project. Which basically means that you can become your very own publisher (of sorts)! Create your very own book of memories. Fill it with the pages of your short story. Build a book of your child’s drawings. The possibilities are endless. And you’re probably hearing whispers of the word ‘gift’ right now. That’s because this project is the ultimate in creative DIY gifting. The other thing we love about this stitchable cork fabric is how well embroidery thread colors pop from the material. The cork fabric shown here beautifully showcases the blue of the DMC embroidery thread (color 3844). Though, of course, you can use whichever color suits you. So go ahead and check out the project sheet for this cork fabric book—it’s sure to be a page turner!

    Download Project Sheet Here

    Cork-Fabric-Book-Binding-Main [associated-products]   Love and Threads, The Commonthread by DMC Team

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