Denise Katz : A Knit In Time

Le 09 March 2016
Meet the Maker

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    Denise_Blog4 At 94 years old, Denise Katz continues to knit in her spare time.  

    The Beginning

    Hailing from France, Denise has been exposed to sewing and threads all her life. At the age of 95 Denise is on a mission filled with passion in the form of knitted dolls. Her secret to her nimble mind and dexterity? Knitting, and lot's of it. Denise worked at a tailor shop where she knitted patterns on clothing. In 1946, both she and her husband migrated to the U.S. to escape the aftermath of the war and got a job working at an electrochemical plant. Later after having their first son, Denise went back to school where she received her Bachelors in French and a minor in Spanish. She landed a job as a teacher at an all-girls school which later merged with John's Hopkins.

    Needlework Skills

    Denise_Blog5 Denise learned to knit in school in Lysee. which was part of the curriculum at the time. She loved the process of knitting so much that once school finished, she worked at a tailor shop knitting patterns on clothing. She bought a knitting book and started knitting dolls and toy animals. Her friends loved her work so much they started asking her to knit dolls for them. A new passion was born for creating the beautiful knitted dolls she now creates today.

    Her relationship with DMC

    To Denise, DMC is a company she knows well. Working in the tailor shop and having lived in France, Denise well remembers DMC and the famous embroidery floss also known as Mouline in France. Denise is thrilled to learn that DMC now distributes it's yarn outside the European countries to the U.S. she has just started working with DMC Woolly and is happy to see that it carries the same quality and color palette that she would except from DMC.  

    How Creating Impacts Her

    Denise_Blog3 Denise loves to keep busy. Her passion comes from her love of making beautiful things. She enjoys doing it and people enjoy having it. When she is creating something for someone else, it brings a sense of euphoria.  

    The Meaning of Handmade

    “Handmade carries a lot of weight. People think that it is made by the individual and it’s more special than something made in a factory."
    Denise works in the moment so all of her pieces are unique. She doesn’t draw inspiration from a specific period or artist. To celebrate National Craft Month and the art of knitting to keep your mind sharp and nimble like Denise, please enjoy our Free knit project below.


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