An Embroidered Purrrse for Even the Finickiest Folks

Le 21 November 2016

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    An Embroidered Purrrse for Even the Finickiest Felines People

      This free pattern will have you purring over an embroidered purse. You know all that loose change jingling around in your pocket? The bottom of your bag? Sloshing around your washing machine? Hidden under your couch cushions? It’s time to gather it up and keep it in one safe and winsome place: this embroidered cat purse. Or maybe you need a secure spot for your credit cards and commuter cards. Either way, this is bound to become your favorite new fashion accessory. With a bright-eyed, delighted expression, cutie-pie whiskers, a button nose, and a sensible zippered back, this embroidered purse is a creative way to keep your small valuables tucked away in a safe place. It also makes an enchanting handmade gift for those feline-friendly friends of yours. The project instructions are available for download below. The pattern requires an intermediate skill level, so some embroidery experience is definitely recommended.  body 1 (1)body 2 (1)body 3 (1)body4   Embroidered Cat Purse Materials List        Download the Project Pattern Here     [associated-products]     Love & Threads,   The DMC Team  

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