Pom Pom Tassel Garland DIY

Le 07 August 2015
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    Pom Pom Garland Decor

    Throwing a party? Well here's a fun and simple way to dress up your decor for the event. Pom pom tassel garland is not only a festive and colorful decoration for any party but it's so versatile that you can use it all year long! Quick and easy, follow our tutorial below.


    • 8 Colors of Assorted DMC Tapestry Wool, 8.7 yard skeins, 3 each
      Soft, chunky weight wool or acrylic yarn, cream or ivory color, one ball
    • DMC Scissors
    • Ruler


    Tassle PomPom hand 1   - To make the first tassel simply remove both paper labels from a skein of DMC Tapestry Wool.
    - Find the loose end of yarn and gently pull out about 12” and cut with scissors.
    - Fold the skein in half and tie tightly around the center with the 12” piece of yarn.
    Use a double knot for a safe and secure fit. Do not trim the loose threads.
           - Use your scissors to cut through the loops on either side of the center tie and fluff out the wool.
      - Use this method to make another 23 tassels with the remaining DMC Tapestry Wool.
    - To make the garland: Find the loose end of the chunky yarn and pull out an 18 foot length.
    - Measure in 24” from one end and use the loose thread in the center of a tassel to tightly tie it to the yarn, using a double knot. Trim the loose ends to the same length as the cut loops and fluff them into the tassel.
    - Continue to add tassels to the yarn every 7” to complete the garland. Tie colors in random or repeating order. If tassels move out of position, slide them gently back into place.

        Hang and throw a party! 

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