Stitchable Faux Leather Cuffs: a Wardrobe Accessory That Rocks

    Stitchable Faux Leather Cuffs: a Wardrobe Accessory That Rocks

    Our wardrobe provides many things: warmth and a way to cover ourselves, yes, but also a way to express ourselves. Cool, shy, funny, these are all aspects of you that can be revealed through what you wear. And you don’t always have to be one thing. Take these stitchable faux leather cuffs, these are a great customizable accessory for all the different sides of you. Get a few of them and personalize them differently to go with all of your amazing aspects. The cuffs themselves are made from soft, faux leather and have metal snaps for easy closure. The customizable area is one-inch by four-inches and has perforations for easy stitching. There are even three different colors to choose from. Accessorizing is a simple way to express yourself through fashion, and stitchable accessories make it even easier.

    The stitchable faux leather cuff.

    These goodies also make a wonderful, personalized gift—providing a loved one with something they couldn’t get anywhere else. And if you’re feeling like you need a little guidance, you can customize it using the included pattern from the talented Liz Stiglets of cozyblue.

    Express yourself in whatever way makes you, you. Get the patterns here: The Pink Cuff Pattern The White Cuff Pattern The Black Cuff Pattern  

    Love & Threads   The DMC Team