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Stitchable Christmas Stockings

Le 20 October 2016
Home Decor

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    Stitchable Christmas Stockings

    Yep, it’s that time again: Stitchable Christmas Stockings. It’s hard to believe but the holiday season is rushing towards us. For the DIYer, the season begins even earlier, which is why we want to get you thinking about it now. Here at DMC, we’ve thought a lot about our holiday season. Not just about which items to include in our holiday shoppe, but also what we think about the DIY holiday itself. For stitchers, this season can mean more than decorations. It can be about passing down a craft. Many of us learned to crochet, or knit, or embroider, etc, from a family member or mentor. It was a way to spend time together and a new way to communicate. So we want to invite you to use the season of decorations and gift giving to pass your talents down to the next generation. Who do you want to tell your stitch stories to? We think these stockings are the perfect entry into skill sharing. They come in two sizes and feature different holiday-themed patterns. Each one is constructed with an Aida band for customization. This year, two of our stockings feature winning designs from our Vintage Christmas Design Challenge with Spoonflower. Congratulations to Kate Fearn of Petite Circus and Jia Harrison of Elephant and Rose. These are great for skill sharing because everyone can personalize theirs in their own unique way. But you can do it together. Whether you choose to stitch up the large stockings and hang them in the traditional fashion, or you decorate the small stockings and hang them on the tree, or as a decorative tablescape, you can spend valuable time with family, working and creating together. And we think that’s what the holiday season is all about. Christmas-Stockings-BODY Check out these free patterns: Small Stocking Pattern Large Stocking Pattern   [associated-products]     Love & Threads   The DMC Team

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