Must Have Home Décor Patterns

Le 28 November 2015
Home Decor

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    You know that friend who always seems to find the coolest @$(#% around? Their apartment looks like the place where funky stuff chooses to live. Meanwhile your apartment looks like the place where funky stuff goes to die.   Well, no more.   Remember, you are a DIY master. That means that creating a cool space to live in is in your two hands.   Here’s a roundup of some fabulous home décor kits that will transform your place from ordinary to ‘where’d you find that?’ cool.   DMC#2-20 Cocktail Napkins: We know it’s the holiday season, but while everyone else is serving libations in red and green or blue and white cocktail napkins, you can stand out by handing out these sleek ones. A pineapple design in winter? You betcha.   DMC#2-42 Lamp: Get out of the Ikea parking lot. Turn around. Go home. Crochet this lamp. Remember, you’ve got skills. Use them.   DMC#2-36 Taxidermy: Them: “Is that a panda on your wall?” You: “Yes. It is.” Done and done. DMC#2-1 Chain: You’ve got the skills so show them off. This chain lives at the intersection of sweet and cool.   DMC#1-0209 Yay! Banner: When your friends tell you how much they love your newly decorated place, just point to this banner and nod.     Home Décor with attitude. Shop it. Live it. Love it.   Viva la Handmade Revolution! The Commonthread Team  

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