The Shopping is Done, Let’s Wrap It Up

Le 04 December 2015
Holiday DIY

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    You’re an artist. And as an artist you can’t simply wrap a gift in some whatever paper and call it done. No. You need to make the present look as good on the outside as it on the inside. Presentation is everything. We’re here to help you amaze with the material and the ideas you need to build a beautifully wrapped gift. SCENE_2_look1_090   Kraft Paper is a simple and inexpensive way to take your gift-wrapping to the next level. SCENE_2_look2_061   Our Loop to Loop yarn will create an eye-catching embellishment. This lacy material gives that extra special touch. SCENE_2_look1_235 How about some handmade tassels for a little something festive? Check out this how-to to get started. Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 10.43.52 AM   Another wow-worthy embellishment is pom poms. Think it’s above your skill level? Think again. Check out this link for some help. SCENE_2_look7_089   Try winding two of our floss cones together to make your own Bakers Twine. Done and done. SCENE_2_look1_377   Final touch? DIY gifts tags or a card you’ve embroidered yourself using one of our complimentary patterns. SCENE_2_look1_347   Beautiful!   Viva la Handmade Revolution! The Commonthread Team

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