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Aida Bands: Your BFF for DIY Christmas Decorating

Le 07 December 2016
Holiday DIY

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    Aida Bands: Your BFF for DIY Christmas Decorating

    If you’re like some of us here in the DMC office, we look at a roll of Aida bands and feel a burst of excitement and anticipation. There is so much possibility on this blank canvas. And when you’re fully immersed in the holiday spirit, it’s hard not to see all the very merry potential of this stitchers’ material. On the other hand, for all creative people a blank material (ie page, canvas, fabric), can also invite a feeling of being overwhelmed. So maybe you look at rolls of fresh Aida Bands and just see an incoherent jumble of holiday symbols: santas, reindeers, holly, etc. And then what will you do once you’ve stitched them up? Sometimes there are so many possibilities that no one possibility emerges ahead of the others.   We totally get it, which is why we thought we’d offer up a few ideas for putting your skills and a blank band of 16-count Aida to use: [caption id="attachment_5922" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Napkin rings made from Aida bands. Napkin rings made from Aida bands.[/caption] Napkin Rings: Who doesn’t love a themed tablescape, and nothing offers a bigger theme than Christmas. You can stitch the same design on each ring or you can make each one a little different and unique. Either way you’ve stitched up a little something extra to make your meal a little more holly jolly.   Gift Ribbon: You know those gifts that are almost too beautiful to open? Well, you’re only one Aida Band roll away from stitching a holiday ribbon that will not only impress, but can also be saved by the recipient for later use.   Christmas Tree Ribbon: Forget tinsel! Customizable ribbon is so much more memorable and can be re-used year after year. You could even customize it to your family by stitching in everyone’s name. How fun would it be for all the kids to see their names adorning the tree each year?   So there you have it! A few ideas to get your stitching-brain started. And for those of you who would like some more specifics on pattern ideas, DMC has this little handy book that’s filled with holiday-themed patterns. You can check it out here.   [associated-products]     Love & Threads,   The DMC Team  

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