DIY Back to School Supplies: Pencil Jars & Toppers

Le 25 August 2015
Craft Projects

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    Did you wake up in the morning when the alarm gave you a warning but you don’t think that you’ll make it on time? It’s all right, because our Commonthread tastemakers are all about taking the “ugh” out of Back to School. The new semester is such an exciting time of the year and is definitely one of our absolute favorites. There’s so much to do and so many fun new memories to make with new schools, new classes, new teachers and our favorite - new friends! Everyone knows that the new school year is the perfect time to impress your new friends by showcasing your amazing DIY skills. That’s why we’re kicking off our weekly Commonthread crafting class with some DIY school supplies to help you deck out your desk this semester and set the tone for a fun filled school year. BU7A4896_


    Upcycled Pencil Jar: DMC Pearl Cotton Variations: 3 skeins of 4040 Water Lilies 3 skeins of 4030 Monet’s Garden 1 skein of 4200 Wild Fire 1 skein of 4077 Morning Sunshine Charles Craft 14ct Aida Fabric, Black Embroidery Transfer Pencil Upcycled Jar 1 sheet of white paper   [associated-products]   Upcycled Pencil Toppers: DMC Embroidery Floss: 4 skeins of 907 Lt Parrot Green 4 skeins of 971 Pumpkin 4 skeins of 727 Lt Topaz 4 skeins of 3708 Light Melon 4 Upcycled marker or pen tops (that fit on the pencils) 4 Pencils Both Projects: Embroidery scissors Tacky glue (such as Aleene’s) Fabric stiffener (such as Mod Podge Stiffy) Foam brushes & disposable bowl Craft sticks, wax paper and latex gloves (optional for ease of handling) Mini hot-glue gun and glue sticks   BU7A4895_ Upcycled Pencil Jar:
    1. Cut 36 inch strands of Pearl Variations 4040 and 4030 thread and fold in half.
    2. Begin on the bottom outside of the jar – wearing gloves, use a craft stick to spread a thick layer of tacky glue over the entire bottom of jar.
    3. Holding the center of the first strand of embroidery floss strands at the center of the jar, begin to spiral around and around until the spiral spreads outwards to the outer rim of the jar. Spiral the strands so that they hug the previous strand closely. If strands run out, simply begin with new strands which could now be in a different color combination until bottom is completely covered.
    4. Spread more tacky glue generously around the sides of the jar.
    5. Holding the jar steady from the inside, begin wrapping more strands around the bottom edge of the jar and continue wrapping all the way around the sides.
    6. As you get to the top of the jar, be careful to have sufficient glue to cover the top rim of the jar and again, pack the floss down closely to each other.
    7. Using the foam brush, paint thread-wrapped jar with a coat of Modge Podge.
    8. Set aside to dry over waxed paper, checking periodically to ensure it isn’t sticking to the wax paper.
    9. Make the flower: create a small paper template of a flower, beginning with a circle (about an inch in diameter) and adding 5 simple petals around the center. Cut out template. Using this template, pin to the Aida cloth and cut out.
    10. Spread Tacky Glue on the center of the Aida flower.
    11. Cut a 36 inch strand of Pearl Variations 4077 and fold in half. Begin in center of the flower with a folded strand and coil around until you reach the petals.
    12. Spread Tacky Glue on the Aida flower petals.
    13. Cut a 36 inch strand of Pearl Variations 4200 and fold in half. Begin in the center of each petal and coil Pearl around until you reach the outer edge.
    14. Using foam brush, paint flower with a coat of Modge Podge. Let dry completely.
    15. Hot glue the flower to the thread-wrapped jar. (Optional – instead of a flower, cut simple shapes such as triangles, squares and circles of Aida and decorate with Pearl before adding to jar).
      DIY School Supplies Pencil Topper Upcycled Pencil Toppers:
    1. Cut 36 inch strands of floss and fold in half.
    2. Coat one old marker cap lightly with tacky glue and wrap tightly with Embroidery Floss 907. Repeat for each cap and each color of Embroidery Floss. Add a spiral strand of contrasting Pearl Variations used in the Pencil Jar project to each wrapped cap.
    3. Using foam brush, paint each wrapped cap with a coat of Modge Podge. Let dry completely.
    4. Make 2 pom-poms:
      • Holding all 4 colors of floss strands together, wrap repeatedly around 3 fingers held together,
      • Carefully remove your fingers and wrap a 12 inch strand of floss around the middle and tie off tightly in the center between folds.
      • Cut through both folds and fluff to create a nice full pom-pom.
      • Trim pom-pom as needed with embroidery scissors.
    5. Make 2 tassels:
      • Holding all 4 colors of Embroidery Floss strands together, wrap floss around 3 fingers and tie off close to one end with a 12 inch strand of floss.
      • Carefully cut through the fold at the end opposite the side you tied off.
      • Wrap a contrasting color on top of where tassel was tied off, dabbing some tacky glue at the beginning and end of the floss.
    6. Use a dot of hot glue to adhere pom-poms and tassels to the top or side of the marker caps.

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