Le 24 November 2019
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    Diamant Grandè Meets Ellucy Stitches

    By, Mallory Bailey, Ellucy Stitches - @EllucyStitches

    When I first started on my hand embroidery journey, I’ll be honest… I was terrified to use metallic floss. It took me a long time to just go for it. When I did… I was pretty sure I was doing something wrong. It felt like I was ripping through fabric and even ripping the floss. I would always make a piece and think how great it could be with metallic floss… but then I remembered how hard it was to work with.

    Then, one day, DMC sent me a box of Diamant Grandé! Not only is it beautiful, it’s EASY TO STITCH WITH! I said it - easy to stitch with. Metallic floss? FINALLY! As the packaging states, stitching with Diamant Grandé is equivalent to stitching with four strands of embroidery floss. This is huge and makes such an impact on any piece you’re working on. Layering on metallic floss can get a bit strenuous, but now you don’t have to worry about it.

    I love that with stitching you can incorporate many different types of floss into a piece. You can even do one piece in the same floss. I think the new Diamant Grandé gives you the option to make a big statement with minimal use. I found the Diamant Grandé incredibly easy to work with. I also love the colors it comes in. I personally found it easiest to use a needle threader while working with this floss. I routinely go this route for the simple fact that it’s easier for me.

    These new threads scream Holidays! I was excited to do a wintery floral hoop with these. I was immediately inspired to mix the traditional 6 strand embroidery floss and the new Diamant Grandé. I wanted to stitch on black fabric in order to let the metallic really pop. I used a white pencil to trace my pattern onto my fabric. I do this using a lightbox so it’s easier to see the pattern I’m transferring. Once I did this, I selected my colors and started working on the flower petals. I used a satin stitch to give the petals a raised look. I absolutely love using all 6 strands of regular floss, so this was a pretty natural thing for me to do. I love the dimension using thicker floss gives, so of course I went this route.

    I used all the colors for the petals and then moved onto the flower centers. I chose to use French Knots for this. Something incredible I learned… French Knots with Diamant Grandé are… easier than with the six-strand floss. I know, I know... sounds too good to be true- but it IS true! I love the effect the floss had on the French Knots. They look so lush!

    I then decided to use the six-strand floss for the leaves. I wanted them to be an off white to contrast well with the black fabric and the metallic threads. I decided to go back in with the regular Diamant metallic thread to accent the leaves to tie the entire piece together. I love how pain-free this process was with the new Diamant Grandé and can’t wait to incorporate it into my next pieces!

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