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Introducing All-Included DIY Kits—in Collaboration with Designers Worldwide

Le 25 October 2016

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    Introducing All-Included DIY Kits—in Collaboration with Designers Worldwide

    We have a confession, the creative team at DMC has been harboring a secret: a tremendous collection of all-included DIY kits. For the past year, we have quietly been working with artists and designers from around the world to create a truly must-have series of DIY projects. The majority of these kits include everything a maker needs to complete them. And for the ones that need additional supplies, they are most often things that you already have in your home (like an iron). We know that you love DMC for its unmatched threads and textiles, but we didn’t want to rest on our maker laurels. Our goal with these modern all-included DIY kits is to inspire seasoned crafters while encouraging newbies. Who better to inspire the maker in all of us than DMC? To do this, we sought out some of the best artists from around the world. Our collaborations with them resulted in pieces that offer varied points of view and will speak to many different tastes—meaning there is something for everyone. We’ll be launching the collection in batches, and are so excited to introduce our first set in the series. This first group is designed for stitchers of every skill level. So indulge you’re inner artist and treat yourself to something beautiful. Designer-Kit-BODY   Dandelyne: Big love for small things. These DIY embroidered necklaces are well timed for the holiday season. Who doesn’t love getting jewelry?   Studio MME: Artist Megan Eckman wants to give you the world. Her patterns are designed to be approachable for every stitcher—no matter their skill level.   Anne Mende: A sweet hostess gift made by you—just in time for party season.   [associated-products]   Do it well. Do it beautiful. Do it yourself.     Love & Threads, The DMC Team

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