Vintage Bargello Needlepoint Class

Le 16 June 2016

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    Brooklyn Craft Company & Commonthread
    Bring You
    Bargello Needlepoint
    We're so into Bargello Needlepoint, and bringing back the beautiful vintage patterns combined with DMC Tapestry Wool creates a winning combination that you don't want to miss.
    We are so excited to partner with the Brooklyn Craft Company and provide them with our beautiful DMC Tapestry Wool for their Vintage Bargello class. Brooklyn Craft Company is a brick-and-mortar space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn featuring modern craft + DIY classes and events. The Brooklyn Craft Company was founded by DIY expert Brett Bara. Brett is a Brooklyn resident and crafts professional who saw a need for fun, approachable crafts activities for creative (but busy) New Yorkers. She took her knowledge of the crafts industry, combined it with the Brooklyn DIY scene, added in delicious food, great style, and good music–and Brooklyn Craft Camp was born. Craft Camp was such a success that it spawned a larger initiative, Brooklyn Craft Company: a 1400-square-foot space in a former pencil factory offering a full schedule of modern craft and DIY classes. body image blog post


      Vintage Bargello Learn the super-easy, super-fast, super-trippy art of vintage bargello needlepoint! Bargello is a sixties- and seventies-era style of needlepoint marked by repeating patterns, zig-zaggy designs, and bold color choices. While needlepoint has a reputation for being time-consuming and slow-going, bargello is fast and easy! In this workshop, you’ll learn the basics of bargello as you make a small piece (approximately 8″ square) using vintage needlepoint patterns.  


    • Learning to read a bargello pattern.
    • How to choose the correct needlepoint canvas, yarn, and needle.
    • How to work the bargello stitch.
    • How to stitch in autopilot once you establish your design.
    By the end of class you’ll have a firm grasp of the basics and will be well on your way to completing your piece. You won’t believe how easy, automatic, and meditative this stitchery is! Class fee includes all necessary materials to complete an 8″ square piece: needlepoint canvas, DMC tapestry wool, needle, and pattern. You can frame your finished piece, sew it into a pillow or bag, or enjoy it in any way you like!  


    Date: Thursday, June 16 Time: 6:30-9:30pm Location: Brooklyn Craft Company (Get the direction here)


      Love and Threads, The Commonthread Team

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