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The Tale of the Stitchable Wedding Gift

Le 31 January 2017
Community|DIY Gifting

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    The Tale of the Stitchable Wedding Gift

    Today we’re here to celebrate the romance of the stitchable wedding gift. DMC ecommerce marketing maven and stitcher extraordinaire, Sara Elan, was mulling over gift ideas for an upcoming wedding she’d been invited to attend. Eager to come up with something personal, yet practical, she thought, ‘why not put my stitching skills to use.’ After all, taking the time to stitch something with your own two hands honors the community aspect that’s inherent in a marriage celebration. Weddings are all about surrounding yourself with a group of people who love you the most, who are there to support your union, and who want the very best for you. By making something that the newlyweds can put in their home, you’re providing them with a constant reminder of the community bedrock that their union was built upon. At least, that’s what we at DMC believe! [caption id="attachment_6101" align="aligncenter" width="660"]Sara works on the first tea towel for her friend. Sara works on the first tea towel for her friend.[/caption] After some thinking, Sara decided to embroider a pair of tea towels that she could put her own textual spin on. She met her friend in a dance class, so she wanted to throw a nod to that fact. For the first tea towel, she decided on embroidering the phrase: ‘This kitchen is for dancing.’ For the second, she wasn’t sure what to say. After chatting about it in the office here, we decided on three possibilities: I can’t cook, but I can twirl. I love a good dip. Will shimmy for food.   Then we figured, who better to help us decide then the folks in our Modern Maker community? A little while back, we shared the three options on Facebook and Instagram and there was a clear winner: I love a good dip. [caption id="attachment_6105" align="aligncenter" width="800"]The winning phrase chosen by our Modern Maker community. The winning phrase chosen by our Modern Maker community.[/caption] So thank you to all who gave their opinion. Now Sara has a pair of tea towels to give her friend and a story that has enriched the whole experience.   [associated-products]   Love and Threads, The DMC Team

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