Artisan Spotlight: The Possible Project

Le 13 November 2015
Meet our Artisans

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    Design Collaboration: Commonthread + The Possible Project

      Nothing is more DIY than starting your own business, and the people behind The Possible Project teach students to do just that. And we here at Commonthread by DMC like nothing more than people trying to do it themselves, so a design collaboration made perfect sense.   We love joining forces with people and organizations that inspire and make stuff happen, and The Possible Project (TPP) does both. Mark and Becky Levin, self-made entrepreneurs and founders of this uplifting organization started with the belief that if you equip a young person with 21st century career skills and an entrepreneurial mindset, they will achieve success. In addition to starting and running their own businesses, students at The Possible Project have access to cutting edge digi-fab equipment like 3D printers and laser cutters, which live at TPP’s very own Makerspace. Students are creating retail, custom designs and fabrication projects ready for market, opening doors to endless possibilities. Today, The Possible Project is changing the lives of hundreds of high school students with untapped potential.   With that in mind, we worked together to create this slick wood vase kit that is one part ready made and one part customizable. This piece acknowledges your starting place, but also allows you to finish it your way. The possibilities truly are endless…   The result of our collaboration: A 3D wood vase with a customizable front to stitch yourself. A home décor piece for the imagination. This vase was designed by the Commonthread team and laser wood cut at the new Possible Project maker space by the children themselves.   We believe in DIY. At home and in life.  

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