String Art: Think Outside of the Thread

Le 02 September 2015
Meet our Artisans

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    string-art-1   If you aren’t familiar with string art, it’s a magical art form that adds depth and dimensionality to any medium. Even if you are familiar with string art, we bet you haven’t seen anything like this before! We have such big crushes on both of these artists that we couldn’t choose just one to feature. So get psyched, because it’s your lucky (double-feature) day!     string-art-2
    Both Izziyana Suhaimi and Jose Romussi are skilled artists in multiple mediums, blending impressive string art with their mastery of other exquisite art forms. Izziyana’s incredible illustrations and watercolors lend themselves perfectly to the wonders of thread. Jose adds his thread element to compelling photographs and collages. We hope these creations open your eyes to the ever- expanding world of string art and inspire you to make masterpieces of your own!   string-art-3  
    string-art-4 We just had to include several of these because they are so mind-blowing. Both Izziyana and Jose are geniuses when it comes to blurring the line between string art and beautiful embroidery.  
    string-art-5   string-art-6 Thread hands crafting with thread? Amazing. The thread makes these hands come alive with three- dimensional magic.
    string-art-7 We love the movement of this piece. The embroidery looks like it’s bringing this pencil drawing of a planet to life!
      string-art-8   string-art-9
    If you think these are exciting, get this: Jose has a whole series of string art added to photos of dancers. The thread reflects the stiff and calculated movement of the dancers, while adding dimensionality   string-art-10
    We've always loved fantastical collages, and this one has it all: space, thread, and a flying (possibly alien) bathing beauty.

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