London Kaye

Le 18 November 2016
Meet the Maker

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    Stitch Stories 4: Crochet Artist London Kaye

    There’s little we could say about crochet artist London Kaye that couldn’t be communicated better through looking at her crochet street artHer work is humorous, poignant, and a breath of fresh air—it demands to be noticed. This trained dancer has also done commercial work for heavyweights like Starbucks, Miller Lite, and the Gap (just to name a few). Read below to find out how London got her start in the needle arts!

    Crochet artist London Kaye at work. 

    London Kaye's Stitch Story

    My best friend's mom taught me how to crochet when I was 13. I had an injury that kept me in bed for months, so she thought it would be a fun distraction. I fell in love with it immediately. Looking back it means so much to me that she took the time to teach me an art form I probably wouldn’t have gotten into otherwise. Fifteen years later, crocheting is not just my hobby; it’s my profession. It’s changed the course of my life. I am a very active person, with lots of energy. Being able to sit down and focus on one stitch at a time is therapeutic in a way. For me, crocheting is a form of meditation.

    London Kaye at work.

    Since working as a crochet artist full time, I’ve taught my mom and sister to crochet. It’s become a fun family activity, and it doesn’t hurt to have extra hands helping out on projects. Crochet is an art form that our society has coined as something for an older generation. It’s important to keep the art alive and pass it down so it doesn’t die out. I never thought I could make a career out of crochet. I followed my passion, and I highly encourage others to do the same. Live the life of your dreams and create!   Love & Threads, The DMC Team

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