Sonia Lyne of Dandelyne

Le 29 November 2016
Meet the Maker

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    Sonia Lyne of Dandelyne

    We all know the saying, “good things come in small packages,” and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to Sonia Lyne’s mini embroidery hoops. We fell in love with them so much that we included them in our Designer Collection of DIY kits. One look at her shop, Dandelyne and you’re treated to spirited designs by this Australian talent. And that spirit made its way into Sonia’s Stitch Story. Read below and don’t be surprised if you find that her positivity is infectious.

    Dandelyne founder, Sonia Lyne 

    I learnt to sew under the expertise of a beautiful woman named Mrs Mulrooney when I was 7. I attended a small rural school and on a Friday afternoon and all of the girls would head to the library to master the basics of embroidery on gingham squares. At the time I knew something extraordinary was happening but I couldn’t express it in words. I now know that a flame was ignited. In my mind Fridays could not come quick enough. I remember running home to mum and telling her all about it. My mum was quick to show me how to use a sewing machine and she also gifted me my first long stitch kit. I think she thought it might keep me busy for a few weeks but I finished it in a day – hee hee.   I picked up embroidery again at the age of 36, after the birth of our third son. I wanted a family portrait, but not just a regular photograph. I was looking for something a little different and decided to design and create a hand-stitched version of my family. It was at this point the flame was reignited and I haven’t looked back. Whilst stitching a few family portraits for friends I found myself daydreaming not only about small and simple embroidery projects but also about small, teeny tiny embroidery hoops. To quote the film "Robots", "See a need, fill a need." I thought if I wanted tiny projects and tiny hoops there must be others who wanted these too. And so I designed a tiny miniature embroidery hoop. I felt like I was creating something that would be a gift back to the embroidery community that had already given me so much. I felt my little hoops could be used to inspire others to start stitching, and for those that already know how divine this beautiful craft is, to pick up a needle and thread again. My hope was, and still is that people would be inspired to learn and continue this craft. I cannot imagine a world without embroidery and I hope my little hoops play a small part in keeping it alive. Embroidery continually excites me to the nth degree. It is my passion, my retreat, my self indulgence, my joy, my yoga, my sanity, my inspiration, my creativity, my place to dream. It gives me a sense of belonging … to something bigger than I can comprehend. I feel this should be celebrated and shared. It is a connection to my parents. I lost my dad when I was 7, when I first learnt to embroider with Mrs Mulrooney. At that time it was my quiet time and my happy place. It is a connection to my mum who I lost at 14. I remember her hands fondly. They were strong, weathered and beautiful to me. I believe I have similar hands and when I stitch I feel mum's hands are stitching with me. When I embroider I feel connected to them both. I run workshops within my local community and I also have YouTube tutorials showing some of my favourite stitches, and tips and tricks to get started. In an online world I feel it is important to connect on as many platforms as possible. Embroidery has given me a worldwide community that I ADORE. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for this. The only way that I know how to say thank you to the best community in the world is to continue stitching, continue to make the best little darn hoops in the world and continue to SHARE.   For ALL of this I am grateful. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 

     Love & Threads, The DMC Team

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