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Le 08 December 2016
Meet the Maker

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    Kitschy Stitcher Founder, Sara Shoemaker Shares Her Stitch Story

    Sara Shoemaker is a marvelous hand embroidery artist. You might know her from her shop, The Kitschy Stitcher. There, you’ll find a collection of eclectic designs that offer a perfect melding of all things retro and modern. Sara contributed her talents to our Designer Collection. Along with artist, Sonia Lyne, Sara created mini embroidery hoop necklaces that give needleworkers the chance to become fashion accessory designers. Read her Stitch Story below. We know you’ll be inspired by her can-do attitude!

    Sara Shoemaker - The Kitschy Stitcher 

    My mother taught me to cross stitch when I was a teenager, then I started to pick it back up as an adult—until I saw this awesome embroidery segment on a craft show! The embroiderer was young and cute (like her designs) and it totally opened my eyes to the modern possibilities of embroidery in this age. Needlepoint isn’t just for grandmas anymore! So I taught myself embroidery from YouTube tutorials mostly. I had just quit my office job when I had my baby girl, and I was looking for a craft outlet to help me feel fulfilled artistically.   Learning needlepoint meant everything to me! Learning or teaching yourself a new skill is very important, I think. It’s taught me work ethic and independence. And it’s always good to broaden your skill knowledge. Challenging myself artistically is both difficult and fun!! I love it.   I liked cross-stitch, but embroidery was so freeing and didn’t require x’s or working in a grid- I can go wherever my needle takes me! That’s my favorite part about embroidery: the fluidity. (And all the thread colors!!!) I have not passed needlepoint down yet but I have already caught my 2-year-old putting a needle and thread through some fabric! I cannot wait to teach my daughter the art of needlepoint. Passing on a talent like embroidery is like leaving a legacy to carry on when you’re gone. It’s a link between generations of a family and can be a true gift that is passed down. It’s a way for children to know their great grandmothers! I also want to teach my daughter the joy of creating something with your own two hands. Except for motherhood, there are few things more fulfilling than that! 

    Love and Threads, The DMC Team

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