Le 24 August 2015
Meet our Artisans

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    Happy Maker's Monday. That special time of the week when we celebrate the amazing creative talents of one of our Artisan Makers. This week's featured maker: Lauren Honaker of Honker Homemaker. Warning: some strings attached! Lauren Honaker 1 Based out of Brownsburg, Indiana, Lauren Honaker and is a graphic designer who strives to have the most fun craft room around. In the process, she focuses on making unique custom string art boards to help inspire others to be creative in decorating their homes. Her handmade signs share in holiday spirit, sweet sentiments and favorite words of inspiration. Offering a truly unique handmade experience, she even makes custom pieces featuring phrases, names and pictures that are hand picked by customers. Lauren Honaker 3 "I love branding and typography and basically anything that involves print design. One of my favorite parts of creating is getting to do so in what I like to call "The Craft Castle". I took over a bedroom when we moved into our home about a year ago and have been filling it with more and more color ever since." IMG_5732_a508e51e-5ab8-44eb-886d-45dfd58bf6cb_large IMG_5764_dbad6a36-491b-48de-abcd-50fa36557ca4_large IMG_5820_large IMG_5840_large IMG_5894_large Driven by an unbridled passion for crafting and graphic design Lauren Honaker strives to inspire creativity in others through her one of a kind, handcrafted string art. A self-described "color-lover" Lauren draws her inspiration from the vibrance of nature and the love and laughter found in her daily life. Each handmade piece is designed with the belief that decorating is about more than just cute aesthetics, it's about building a home that reflects our personalities and fosters a creative environment to nurture the passions that feed our souls. [associated-products]

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